A pirate’s life for me!

Find it in Sea of Thieves

Since I was around nine years old, I have been playing video games. There was a huge language-barrier at the time, so it was mostly educational games. Learning to count in English, learning the name of animals, colours, basic things like that. I had two hours per weekend for playing on the computer, and I always looked forward to it. When it was over, I read a lot, or watched cartoons.

It’s a bit more than two hours now. But I’m also able to rationalise why I, and probably many others, spend hours upon hours in games, books and movies. It’s escapism.
It dawned on me when we were learning about 19th century poetry. It was all about the far East, jungles and tigers. Of oceans deep and mountains high. This is why we care about stories, real or fake. Why people sit around fires and listen to that old, smelly fellow who knows the tales of the gods.

We love to experience things that are different, in any way we can. You, my dear reader would be hard pressed to show me someone who is not looking for tiny escapism-morsels from time to time.

And oh boy, do games give us just that. Sea of Thieves is a shining example. Now you can sail the high seas alone in a small boat or get together with friends on a three-deck frigate and hunt for treasure on deserted islands, or even other players’ ships. You do you, you’re a pirate, after all. Just watch out for sharks.

If you wish, you can just sail towards the horizon in hopes of finding a shipwreck or a treasure-cave. If you like lore and quests, however, don’t fret, for you can get kind-of specialized “voyages” (which are basically quests) as well.

If you are on a bigger ship, you’ll need to work together with other members of the crew. Someone needs to manage the sails, raising or lowering them, or changing their angles to catch the wind. Another crewman has to steer the ship, but since the helmsman can’t see for the sails, someone needs to tell them which way to go to not hit islands. Every job is easier if more than one person does it, so I imagine it’s going to be beautiful chaos.

My only concern comes from the fact that this is a shared-world game. That means that there is a high chance of sailing into other players. There is always someone who plays the game just to ruin others’ good time. This fact sometimes results in getting imprisoned in the brig as soon as you join a crew of random players.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be at the wheel, singing shanties and downing grog.

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