Justice League: After the rush

After three attempts to kickstart the DC cinematic universe, from the not too positive ratings the executives may have realised they need a change of tone to captivate audiences. Thus, they brought in Wonder Woman, and we learned the history of the amazon princess. She won the war for the Entente and killed the only remaining god, Ares. Also, there were some jokes as well, so the tone of the movie was much lighter, even though the stakes were just as high as in the previous ones.

And now, for something different. These movies mostly focused on one ore two heroes and their challenges. Justice League goes beyond, with no less than four protagonists. Does that mean we get a wider variety of characters? Kind of, yes. Does that also mean none of these characters will be fleshed out properly? Again, kind of, yes.

The story is a simple tale of a team getting together in dire times to fight an unknown evil. People know this tale, people love this tale. Batman realises that some new threat emerged, and he needs a team of superheroes, since his buddy died fighting Doomsday. He already knows how to contact Wonder Woman, but still needs to figure out how to meet the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.

After a rough start, they get together to fight the ancient evil, Steppenwolf, who plans to make Earth his preferred habitat, Hell. Each hero brings something to the team: Batman the leadership and tech, Wonder Woman the power of ancient gods, Aquaman the pure machismo and muscle, Cyborg the connection to the ancient motherboxes, which can transform Earth to hell, and Flash the speed and the fun.

This movie is not without problems. During the production, after the reviews of Wonder Woman there seemed to be need for some reshoots and changes. Maybe the most tragic was the departure of Zack Snyder, after the suicide of his 20-year-old daughter. Josh Whedon, the director of Marvel’s Avengers took over, and the tone of the movie was changed.

However, sometimes less is more. Focusing on more and more characters can feel disorienting sometimes, or jarring even.

Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed watching it and loved the interactions between the heroes. The story is not exceptionally original, but for a kind of origin-movie, it was well put together, most of the time.

Just as a side note, maybe if a lead doesn’t want to shave for the part, just try to write the script around him, and don’t mess with CGI-ing faces. Those who watch the movie at home can have tons of fun by pausing at the right moment, when Superman has a pasty cube for a face. Just watch out for it.

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