Historic Warwick

If you are, for example a student with the need of adventure, but with a tight budget, you may feel you can’t explore this beautiful country we are in. When you look at the newsletters about student-organised trips, you may wipe away a lonely tear, for you would need to fast for weeks to go on any of them.

Well, I say ‘No more!’. We are at the centre of the country, you can get anywhere in a few hours, and if you dial back your expectations, you can find amazing opportunities for adventure, and hour’s bus-ride from Coventry.

This week I went to Warwick, where you can get to for three pounds, (three for the trip back), where you can spend a beautiful day exploring the small medieval town, learning about regular and military history, and discovering small shops of every kind.
My plan was to spend a day there, and spend less than thirty pounds.

At the station, I decided to have a cup of tea nearby at the Thomas Oken, where they have a long list of different blends, from an English Breakfast to some more exotic ones. From there, it’s a short walk to the castle, but since it’s more than twenty pounds to get in, I decided to find some of the smaller museums. The first one was the Lord Leycester Hospital. It’s hard to describe that old place. It’s a hospital in the old meaning of the word, which is a place for retired soldiers. It dates back to the 15th century, and still serves its purpose today, with 8 ex-servicemen living in the old guild house. The place was untouched by the fire of 1694, and looks almost the same as it did 600 years ago. It’s a part of living history.

The residents also work there, so if you have the time ask for a few stories, the passion of these veterans will amaze you. They have a café there, where
they have been serving food since the place was built, they are proud of that fact. You should have lunch there, big portions of home-cooked quality.

I also recommend visiting Smith Street with its random little shops. Warwick may be unique for the fact that it may have the most hairdressers per capita in the country, with at least four next to each other on Smith street. At the other end of that street is St John’s house, which is an amazing old building that houses The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers museum where apart from the exhibition you can learn a lot about British military history from the people working there.

Although it was closed the day I was there, but the Market Hall Museum is supposed to be another few hours of fun.

St Mary’s Church is a beautiful piece of architecture, with a crypt you can visit.

This trip for me was less than 30 pounds, but I spent eight hours there and will definitely return to this small jewel of the Midlands.

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