Double murder in Rákoskeresztúr

Jealous ex-boyfriend has entered the flat of a woman in Újlak street, District XVII on Sunday, where he shot her new partner, then chased her on the street and shot her as well, police report says. Her 2,5 years old daughter was with her throughout all this.

According to Blikk, Vivien É.’s parents have confirmed that their daughter died of her head wounds in the hospital.

Norbert Cs., 26, was a jealous ex of Vivien É., 21, who has never gotten through her rejection. Around one in the morning on the 7th of January he barged into the home of Daniel, 22, where Vivien and her daughter lived as well. He immediately killed the man, then chased down the woman who was fleeing with her daughter. He caught up with them at the corner and shot her in the head, while the child was watching. After this, he tried to commit suicide.

The woman and the assailant were rushed to hospital, but Norber Cs. died on the way.

The girl is under observation at Heim Pál children’s hospital, and she’s going into foster care soon. According to her grandparents, Vivien’s parents, her father lives in Germany, and they are in talks with officials about adopting her.

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